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The new IntElect Maximum Efficiency - Highest Precision.

Fully integrated LSR Solution

To mark the launch of our brand new ready-to-use precision IntElect LSR injection moulding package, we are producing one of the most cHallnging top-end LSR applications on the market today - a matrix headlight delivering adaptive optic distribution for ultra-luxury vehicles.

Combined with the in-built mould safety system and 20% reduced energy consumption compared to competitor systems, the IntElect machine is integral to the processing stability required for handling an optical grade silicone material.

K2019 - LSR Application

IntElect 130
  • New LSR-Package
  • Screw, barrel, non-return-valve for LSR
  • Data interface EM 82.3
  • Redesigned vacuum programm and improved pump performance
  • New shut off nozzle design
  • Specific options for water cooling and mould heating
  • Market specific interfaces for dosing and demoulding equipment
SDR 5-25 S
  • Servo motor driven 3-axis linear units available in 5 sizes
  • Ideal for quick removal as well as precise loading and unloading tasks
  • Stable frame construction of the demolding axis and larger axes profiles compared to the standard
Nexus Elastomer Systems
  • Pneumatic linear axis for overflow demolding
  • Robot head on linear robot takes parts out of the tool and transfers the overflow between the linear axis and the robot
  • Robot puts down overflow and parts separately
Quality Control
Nexus Elastomer Systems
  • Quality control of parts with camera system to detect air pockets and contaminations
  • Scales control the weight of the parts and provide the closed loop regulation together with the TimeShot balancing system
Dosing System
Nexus Elastomer Systems
  • The Servomix dosing unit guarantees 100% air free material for the process
  • Total material loss unique in the market:
    Nexus total material waste with 20l pails: <1%
    Nexus total material waste with 200l pails: <0,5%
  • Nexus technology guarantees the exact mixture of A & B components as well as additives for the whole process
Nexus Elastomer Systems
  • Nexus Flowset optimizes the material flow without interrupting the injection process
  • Allows users to control the filling level of every single cavity
  • Nexus Flowset is available with a manual and an electric control system and is the ideal solution for mid-sized (from 2g) to large shot weights above 30g
  • Ensures the best possible material use and the minimization of rejects
Nexus Flowset electric
  • Regulation system electric and manual
  • Cold deck regulation via the flow quantity
Matrix Headlight
Part Weight
Cycle Time
Dow Silicones
  • Award-winning moldable silicone providing excellent properties and secondary optics solutions for LED lamp/luminaire applications
  • Optimized curing speed for the injection molding process of silicone rubber, enabling production of plastic-like, smooth surface optics with comparatively high hardness and low surface friction
  • High light transmittance with low attenuation coefficient – combined with high Abbe number – enabling lighting companies to design optics for luminaires with high lumen efficiency
  • High thermal stability ensuring retaining of high transparency – even in harsh environments

Moulding LSR requires high precision and process stability, which are the key features of our IntElect series.

Thomas Kottler, Project Manager for LSR



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